Latest News
  1. 01/19
    New Club Year Starts Over in January!
    New Club Year Starts Over in January!
    Now is the perfect time to join our club. Come to one of our meetings and start fishing with us in 2019 for a fresh start and full year of fishing.
  2. Monthly Meetings at Papacitas
    Monthly Meetings at Papacitas
    Please come join us the last Tuesday of each month, starting at 7PM at Papacitas on South Broadway in Tyler.
  3. 09/22 & 09/23
    Alibrando Wins on Pines
    Alibrando Wins on Pines
    Congratulations to the following: 1st Place: Vince Alibrando, 16.78 lbs; 2nd Place: Jody Kea, 14.65 lbs; 3rd Place: Tom Ward, 11.92 lbs; Big Bass Jody Kea, 7.30 lbs
  4. 10/13 & 14
    Alibrando & Flores win on Martin & Brandy
    Alibrando & Flores win on Martin & Brandy
    Congratulations to the following: First Place: Vince & Trey, 21.76 lbs; Second Place: Moore & Mendoza, 16.88lbs; Third Place: Pat Wright, 15.37 lbs; BB: Adam Moore 6.12 lbs
Our Goals
Promote relaxed competition between fellow club members.  Our goal is for everyone in the club to benefit with friendship, comaraderie, and development of bass angling knowledge in different lake settings and conditions throughout the year.
2017 Angler of the Year
Congratulations to Vince Alibrando, Angler of the Year for 2017.  Vince accumulated 146.90 lbs during the regular monthly tournaments and added another 27.42lbs to win the club championship on Lake Palestine in December. 
Big Bass of 2017
Congratulations to Adam Moore with Tyler Bass Club Big Bass of the Year!  Adam caught his big bass in our June night tournament at Lake Athens.  His bass weighed in at 9.15 pounds and busted our progessive bass pot.  Nice job Adam!